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Tips to Improve Choreo Retention

Tips to Improve Choreo Retention

Tips to Improve Choreo Retention

Dance is more than just coordinated movements. It is an art that requires creativity, discipline, and hard work. Choreography is the art of creating sequences of movements that not only expresses dance but also tells a story. However, it can be challenging, particularly if you are teaching beginners. One of the significant issues that dance teachers face is choreography retention. It can be frustrating when your students forget the steps during a performance. Fortunately, there are tips to help improve choreo retention.


1. Break Down the Choreography into Smaller Pieces

Breaking down the dance into smaller pieces helps your students concentrate on one section at a time. For instance, you can identify the key moves, divide them into sections and focus on them one by one. Additionally, you can help by demonstrating the steps, count or sing the beats, and let them associate the dance with an essential event, such as a theme or story.

2. Repeat the Choreography Regularly

Repetition is a useful tool to help your students memorize the steps. Encourage them to practice the routine as often as they can. Sometimes, a simple drill of a particular movement before a performance or class can help build confidence and retention. Expose them to dance videos and encourage them to practice at home.

3. Create a Map for Choreography

Creating an outline or map for the dance can help your students memorize the moves. You can sketch the dance moves, or write down the steps in bullet points. Also, use symbols to represent complicated footwork or challenging steps. This method works particularly well for students who learn better using diagrams.

4. Help Your Students Focus on the Music

The music plays an essential role in dance. Teach your students to listen to the beats and rhythms of the music. Understanding the rhythm of the music can help them coordinate the dance moves with the beat. The use of some techniques such as clapping, tapping feet, or verbal cues can help students stay on beat and retain the choreography.

5. Encourage Exploration

Sometimes, choreography retention can be a struggle because the steps may not cater to the individual learning style of some students. Encourage your students to explore dance, try new things and discover what works best for them. Provide them with an opportunity to create their movements or interpret the steps differently.



Improving choreo retention requires patience, time, and a proper approach. With the tips highlighted above, you can help your students improve their memory and confidence in dance routines. Whether they are beginners or expert dancers, helping them retain choreography is crucial in making them successful dancers. So, start implementing these tips today, and see your students' progression in their dances. If you are looking for a dance studio in Altamonte Springs, FL, contact Turning Pointe today for a free trial class, and we will help unlock your potential in dance.

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