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Four Reasons You Should Dance

Four Reasons You Should Dance

Four Reasons You Should Dance

As dance enthusiasts can testify, attending a dance performance can be a truly refreshing experience. From the dancers' flexibility and cadence to the grand costumes and fascinating music, dance productions have a vast allure with plenty to present to those of diverse tastes. But despite the visual "wow" factor, we asked ourselves why dance is limited to a spectator sport for non-professionals who appreciate the art form? Undoubtedly there are many advantages to individuals partaking in dance, instead of just sitting back and observing. To this end, we've brushed off our pointe shoes to point our readers in the right direction on what experiencing dance classes in Altamonte Springs can deliver.

Health & Fitness

Something you can never encounter by simply watching a dance routine, instead of taking a dance lesson or just dancing for pleasure, is an excellent old-fashioned cardiovascular activity to get your blood flowing and those calories burning. Not only will dance help lower your blood pressure, decrease harmful cholesterol, and improve your flexibility and muscle tone, but it will also assist you in losing weight and helping your tutu fit nicely, too! Just to offer you a few illustrations and an approximate picture of how many calories you can hope to shed in an hour per dance style: Salsa burns 405 to 480, Swing 300 to 550, Ballet burns 380 to 450, ballroom dancing between 150 and 320, Tap zaps 200 to a whopping 700 an hour, leaning on speed.

Self-Esteem Booster

Professional dancing clearly requires confidence, mainly when performing in front of a crowd. So while your dreams might not include prancing across the Broadway stage, taking dance classes, or just practicing a dance routine regularly on the dance floor of your favorite nightclub is enough activity to release beta-endorphins into your bloodstream. These, in turn, boost feelings of well-being. And the excellent side benefits? Regular aerobic exercise helps contour your body, and the improved stamina and strength do wonders for your self-esteem when you step into a room.

Exposure to New Cultures

One of the many beautiful aspects of dance is that it transcends all cultures, bridging societal contrasts with the commonalities of creative expression. Lessons in Tango, Flamenco, Belly Dancing, and others open the entrance to a cultural investigation, not only in other countries' dances but also in their fares and traditions. You will indeed be encouraged to take in some delicious Latin food after a serious Salsa dancing session, for example. And the amazing thing is you also gain the opportunity to encounter others from various backgrounds while coming together in a pleasant and friendly activity.

Creative Outlet

Divergent thought is a critical factor in creativity, and dancing encourages this wonderfully. However, sometimes it's challenging to discover regular chances to exert your imagination, mainly if you spend most of your day in a non-creative career. Nevertheless, you can flex your visionary muscles and feed your creative side through dance. Dance lets you devise your own routines and allows your body to channel your ideas without stressing about strict restrictions or deadlines. Improvising and testing new movements on the dance floor is certainly a creative highpoint that's very attainable.

These are just a few reasons you should dance. Contact us today to get involved in dance classes in Altamonte Springs. We want to dance with you!

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