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Five Healthy Activities Your Child Should Try This Summer

Five Healthy Activities Your Child Should Try This Summer

Five Healthy Activities Your Child Should Try This Summer

Are you looking for ways to keep your children engaged and active all summer long?  When school is out, you may struggle to keep your kids busy with healthy activities all day long.  Here are a few ideas that you can try to keep them in healthy activities this summer.

Limit Screen Time

During the summer months, take some extra steps to limit your kids' screen time.  It can be easy to spend many of hours watching TV or videos online for hours or playing video games.  However, after this year of hybrid or virtual learning, your kids need some time away from the screens.  Try to practice the skill of limiting screen time to a certain period of time each day and get outside or do other activities.

Get Outside More

Getting outside can be great for your kids' mental health, especially after spending much of their days inside their classrooms.  The fresh air, breeze, and natural elements have positive effects on their overall health, as it can lead to mental clarity and de-stressing.  Take your kids for a walk outside, visit a nearby park, or spend time by the water to refresh and reset before the next school year starts.

Enroll in Dance Classes in Altamonte Springs

Many children get bored during the long summer months when they are out of school.  However, when you take the time to enroll them in dance class, they will be able to try a new activity that keeps them socially, physically, and emotionally engaged.  These classes can provide them with a chance to find something that they may even enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Take Up Outdoor Hobbies

During the summer months, there are many outdoor kids programs and camps that are designed to keep children engaged and active during their time out of school.  Take a look at your community resources to see what types of programs would interest your children.  For example, you may find sports programs, nature camps, or even educational programs that keep your kids' minds active all summer long.

Get Artistic

While having fun with your kids day in and day out seems like a great plan, it is often not the reality. There are work responsibilities and household chores that still need to be taken care of.  However, this is a great opportunity to let your kids practice their artistic skills.  When you are trying to get something done at home or you need them to practice self-play, get out the crayons, markers, glue sticks, construction paper, and other art supplies and let them get creative.

These are a few things that you can encourage your child to do this summer.  To stay healthy and engaged, you should consider enrolling your child in our fun dance classes in Altamonte Springs.  To hear about our summer schedule, contact Turning Pointe Dance today.

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