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Why Stretching is Important for Dancers

Why Stretching is Important for Dancers

Why Stretching is Important for Dancers

Stretching before exercising has many health benefits for athletes, and this is no different in the sport of dance.  Whenever you are dancing, you always want to be sure to stretch your muscles first.  This will help you improve your posture and flexibility while dancing, which prevents injury.  At our dance studio in Altamonte Springs, FL, we encourage all our dancers to stretch before they start dancing.  By incorporating stretching into all our dance classes, we help our dancers recognize these important reasons for stretching.

Correct Posture

Stretching puts your muscles into correct alignment, which aides in creating good posture.  This is critical in correcting your posture and allowing for both technically perfect dance moves and dance moves that are comfortable for your body.  When you have poor posture, you will incur more injuries when dancing.  

Lengthen Muscles

Stretching prepares the muscles for any type of dance routine.  This helps to prevent stressed muscles.  Stressed muscles can lead to injuries which can actually take dancers away from their sport while recovering or rehabilitating.  Lengthened muscles will prevent muscle tightening spasms and uncomfortable movements during the dance routine.  They also help to improve your energy and focus when dancing.

Improved Flexibility

This is incredibly important for dancers because it helps to improve our kicks, splits, leaps, and other dance moves particular to each style of dance.  Dance is especially important for jazz and ballet dancers, because these routines incorporate a lot of lengthening moves.  Flexibility is critical in doing many of the activities and exercises expected of dancers.

Prevents Injury

Perhaps the most important reason for stretching each time you practice your dancing is to prevent injury.  Many dancers suffer from injuries related to broken bones and sprained joints.  To avoid these injuries, it is advised to always take the time to stretch and loosen up your muscles first.  It is critical that we improve our dancers' health to avoid the risk of common dance injuries.  It prepares the body for the dance workout that will follow.

Improves Energy

Stretching actually oxygenates the brain and helps to improve energy.  This will give dancers an extra boost while they are in class.  They will also be able to take more away from each dance session by being able to pay full attention the entire time.  By stretching, the brain will be able to retain focus on obtaining new skills.

These are just five of the reasons why we stretch before each dancing session at our dance studio in Altamonte Springs, FL.  Dance classes are great way to implement exercise while having fun and being social with others on a routine basis.  If you are looking to engage in healthy and fit dance classes, contact us today to hear about our schedule of classes and availability.

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