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How to Cope with Separation Anxiety when You Drop Your Kid at Dance

How to Cope with Separation Anxiety when You Drop Your Kid at Dance

How to Cope with Separation Anxiety when You Drop Your Kid at Dance

Do you have a hard time leaving your child at dance class?  Does your child yell for you to stay there when you drop them off at dance?  Separation anxiety is common, and it can pose challenges that make it difficult to come to dance class.  Watching your child scream for you is never fun, but it can be made easier.  When you enroll in our dance classes in Altamonte Springs, you will be greeted with the friendliest and welcoming teachers.  There are a few ways that you can cope with separation anxiety when you drop your kid off at dance class.

Talk with the Teachers

The teachers at dance are the individuals that you are trusting to take care of your children when you leave, so you want to establish a good relationship with them.  Engage in conversations, ask questions, and take the time to get to know them when you go into the studio.  By having a good relationship with the dance teachers, you open the lines of communication to address any issues or concerns.

Listen to Your Child

Be sure that you listen to your child's concerns and needs.  When you don't properly prepare them with conversations, you may constantly struggle with drop offs at dance.  Ask your child how they are doing before and after class, and be sure that you listen carefully to all of their concerns and thoughts.  This way, you make sure they have everything they need to be comfortable when you leave.

Be Consistent

Children crave routines, and it best to keep things as consistent as possible for their lifestyle.  This is especially true for dropping them off at places without their parents.  Even though they are in great hands, they will still be looking for their parents and for that familiarity.  When you are consistent, you will be able to assure them that everything is fine, which will give them the ability to focus on their dance class.

Don't Be Late

Being late to pick up or drop off your child can establish a pattern of confusion in your child.  They may worry that you won't be there with the rest of the parents when class is over, and this can cause them to be afraid when you leave.  Make sure that you keep the eye on the clock to ensure that you will be there on time when class starts and ends.   Your child may become uncomfortable or even embarrassed if you are constantly late to dance.

These are just a few ways to ease drop offs at dance class and stop the cycle of separation anxiety for both you and your child.  When you watch your child thrive in our dance classes in Altamonte Springs, you'll be beaming with pride.  Give your child the chance to succeed by enrolling them today.  Contact us to hear about our class schedule and try a class today.

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