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The Benefits of Childhood Dance Classes

The Benefits of Childhood Dance Classes

The Benefits of Childhood Dance Classes

While most people taking dance classes as a child will not become the prima ballerina at the Paris Opera Ballet or the Dutch National Ballet, your child will greatly benefit when you enroll them in dance class. At Turning Pointe- A Dance Studio, we proudly work with dancers as young as 2.5 years old, and you are never too old to benefit from our fitness dance classes. Here are some of the things that your child will learn in dance class that will help them throughout their life.


There is no other place to learn to dance than to regularly attend dance classes. Your downstairs neighbors are likely to frown on your child practicing tap dancing on your kitchen floor, and your child will have trouble getting their ballet moves perfectly on your grass lawn. Regularly attending dance classes builds dedication in your child. This level of commitment will help them as they proceed in school and may encourage good work ethics as they enter the workforce.


Your child will also learn perseverance through dance classes. It can be tough to make each move perfect while remembering complicated choreography and getting to the right place at the correct time. As a parent, you may hear some grumbling about having to practice the same moves over again many times until they are perfect. The truth, however, is that your child learns grit and determination to get things done correctly regardless of what obstacles stand in their way. By the way, we love our students at Turning Pointe, but we are also experts at tuning out their grumbling while they are learning this vital lesson.


If you have ever watched a dance movie, then you have probably seen a strict but loving teacher demanding the very best of every student. While we love to have a great time with our students at Turning Pointe, we also teach discipline. One way that we do this is through our dress code that we always expect our students to abide by during lessons.  In the end, students learn to discipline themselves, and they usually become productive citizens that you are proud to claim as yours.


Unless you are performing a solo routine, there is no place for individuality in the dance studio. Instead, everyone must learn to work together. Even our solo dancers must learn to share studio space, and we hope that they learn how to be supportive of each other by the example that we set as our different teachers work together. Your child will need to work with others throughout their life, so dance is a great place to learn this lesson early.

We understand that dance classes in Altamonte Springs can be expensive. Instead of focusing on the cost of these dance classes in Altamonte Springs, think about them as an investment in your child’s future.

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