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Checklist for a Dance Audition

Checklist for a Dance Audition

Checklist for a Dance Audition

If you are going to a dance audition, preparing ahead of time is essential.  While people may have a bug-out bag for emergencies, you should make one for every dance audition that you plan to attend. This simple act will help settle down your nerves as you will be better prepared.


While you will want to bring along shoes designed for the type of audition, you are planning to attend, and it never hurts to have an extra pair. Do not stop there but throw in your other dance shoes. You never know when a choreographer is going to see something that they like and ask you to perform a routine that they did not list on the audition material. Prepare by carrying at least one set of shoes for every type of dance that you perform.

Extra Clothes

Many dancers have had auditions ruined because someone tore their tights at the last moment or they spilled something on their leotard. Carrying extra essential clothing helps you to feel more confident, even if they stay in your bag throughout the whole audition. Additionally, bring along some warmup clothes because you never know what the temperature of the audition facility is going to be ahead of time.

Hair Accessories

Create a separate bag to tuck inside your larger bag with all your needed hair accessories. Make sure to include your hairbrush, a small container of hairspray and some extra ponytail holders. Even if you do not need them, you never know when someone else might need them.

Personal Hygiene Items

You want to look and feel your best during your audition. Bring along your personal hygiene items so that you can touch up during the day. You should also bring along a small towel to wipe off sweat as needed. Pack along perfume or cologne so that you smell as great as you look. Antiseptic wipes are a great way to make sure you stay clean. You may also want to bring along some gum or breath fresheners.


It is hard to have a great audition when you are hungry, and dancing requires a lot of calories. Pack along a protein bar or a granola bar to get you through, in case you get hungry. You may also want to bring along a sack lunch because you never know what may be available near the audition facility, and it is a great way to save money.

Before you go on an audition, make sure that your skills are top-notch by taking classes at a dance studio in Altamonte Springs. Their instructors have worked with many students at the dance studio in Altamonte Springs to help them prepare for their big dance audition. Contact Turning Pointe today to make the arrangements. Then, get your bag packed as you will soon be on your way.


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